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Homework Help: Ice Cream and evolution.

  1. Sep 8, 2005 #1
    Oh hello
    This's just strange. We did a small project "Making ice-cream" You know, put milk and sugar and vanilla into a zimploc, place the pack into a bigger one stuffed with ice and salt. We've luckily gone through the questions he asked. But the last question just doesn't make sense to me: "Describe how making ice cream is similar to evolution" My friend and I think about the temparature around the small pack and stuff. But it doesn't seem to work.
    Please help me with this strange question. Or please give me a clue.
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    External conditions turn milk, sugar and vanilla into ice cream. Similar to external conditions turning individual minerals into living organisms; also similar to external conditions affecting genes in living organisms so they mutate.

    That's the only answer I can think of right now.
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