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Homework Help: Ice cream experiment

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    I need need. I did the experiment, but I cannot answer the questions. Can anyone help?

    How does the sugar affect the ice cream mixture?

    How does the salt affect the ice bath? I believe it lowers the temperature.

    Compare the affects of the salt and the sugar on their respective solutions?

    What does Newton's Third Law of Thermodynamics say? Could not find this anywhere.

    Thanks so much
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    Are you sure these are really the questions? Please check thewm with another student to make sure .
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    Here are my thoughts on some of your questions...
    Hint: try an experiment where you add sugar to "freezing" cream. Measure the temperature, before and after adding sugar. (you may want to add a larger amount of sugar than you might ordinarily use in ice cream)

    Also see this reference

    Correct.. the salt does depress the freezing point ice/water bath.. I have noticed (subjectively), in making ice cream, that the more salt I add, the quicker it depresses the freezing point and seems to make "smaller" ice crystals in the ice cream.

    based on the answers you have found out for the previous two questions
    you should be able to formulate your own answer on this one.
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