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ICE problem

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    Der is 2 rectangle blocks of ice at a temp of -6. One is placed on top of the other. ie they are frozen together and they are not perfectly flush.
    And object is placed inside the top block. I have 2 calculate when this object hits the ground.
    My question is will the top block slide off at some point. and is there a way to predict this.

    More info
    The weight of the object isnt of any real concern. It was frozen along with the water. Eg the object was palced in water held by stings and then frozen. To be precise the block is about 60cm inheight 80cm width and it is placed on another block with the same demension and kept in a freezer The object is roughly 25cm from the bottom and is 15 from the top(in th first block) . They are then takin out and left in air at about 10 degrees. The 2 blocks are placed on a platform of about 120cm. I need 2 calculate when will this object hit the ground for the first time. It does not need to be exact but I am trying 2 predict how it will work.
    Thanking You
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