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Ice Sheild and Heat Sheild

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    Where are the in relation to the fuel lines on a Boeing 777
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    Tanks are in the wing, and they must drop through the pylons (engine supports) to the engine. So the question would be where are the fuel lines in the engine, at least with respect to the combustor.

    High by-pass engines have the bypass and engine nacelle to act as heat shields between combustor/turbine and exhaust.

    This will give some idea of the inner workings of the engine.
    http://www.geaviation.com/education/engines101/index.html [Broken]

    I think FredGarvin and others in the aerospace industry can provide better information.
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    Thanks for that, was it fitted with RR donks or GE90s?
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    The 777 has both RR and GE90. In the case of BA038, the engines were RR.

    AFAIK, the airline or aircaft owner purchases the engines separately from the aircraft and they are shipped to Boeing where they are installed.
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    Cheers thankyou very much for your help Sir, i might need more.
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