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Homework Help: Iceberg melted by ocean

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    1. An iceberg of mass [tex]m_{ice}[/tex] is melted by the ocean at temperature [tex]T_{ocean}[/tex]. Knowing that the iceberg is at a temperature [tex]T_{ice}[/tex] what was the volume of water needed to melt the iceberg?

    2. [tex]m_{ice}c_{ice}(0-T_{ice})+m_{ice}L_{f}+m_{ice}c_{ice}(T_{equ}-0)=m_{ocean}c_{ocean}(T_{ocean}-T_{equ})[/tex]

    3. The problem is that I can't find another equation to determine the temperature of equilibrium.
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    The volume of water needed to melt the iceberg? What's that supposed to mean? In an ideal world, every water molecule in the ocean gives an equal amount of heat to the iceberg.
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    I solved the problem considering that the equilibrium temperature is 0ºC. The iceberg is melted and it lowers the water temperature around it to 0ºC. Anyone has any idea?
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