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Programs ICTP or Perimeter Institute?

Hello. I'm currently studying theoretical physics and planning to continue my study in theoretical physics. I know that there are two interesting places to pursue the education in this field, the International Center for Theoretical Physics (pre-PhD program), and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (Perimeter's master program). Which one is better? I'm an undergraduate student. Thank you for your answers!
You don't like Oxford, Harvard, Caltech?
You don't like Oxford, Harvard, Caltech?
Well, I do interested to continue my education there, but I'm afraid my skill is not enough, so I think I need to improve my skill in theoretical physics before I go there. And those institute offer a preparation to enter the theoretical physics world. Or do you have any advice for me?
No advice from me, I don't know these elite institutions.


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I think you're looking at the problem backwards. Something like "theoretical physics" is extremely broad and therefore difficult for people to offer general advice on.

When thinking about where you'd like to pursue a graduate education, it's important to think about the specific problem you want to work on and the kinds of skills you want to develop. So as an undergraduate student, you should be reading up on the different areas that you find particularly interesting. You should be taking some opportunities to participate in research. One you have a few ideas of the specific problems you'd like to work on, you should start to look at groups that are working on those problems and within those groups, look for specific people who potentially could be PhD supervisors.

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