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I'd like to say thanks to PF and singleton.

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    I would like to thank all PF members, especially those who replied in my earlier thread of "I need serious help...".

    I have decided to pursue my dream one step at a time. I have just applied to the University of Waterloo for Pure Mathematics. Technically, I will be a General Mathematics student because I will be applying for a part-time position so that I can assure myself a seat. I plan on transferring as a Honour student during the Spring.

    Even if I fail, I'll be proud that I tried. This is the area I would really like to go into and at my current school I can not explore this area at it's full potential or at a complete rigorous level. The classes are "dumbed" down to satisfy the students who want to become Elementary or High School teachers. I don't understand why they are mixed with math majors. I can graduate at this school unprepared for graduate school, which makes it a waste of four years, and still not even know if I'm capable of going into higher mathematics.

    I will soon attend a school recognized for mathematics, which can open doors to some reputable Graduate Schools.

    I also want to personally thank singleton as he knows what I'm going through, and that you must take your best shot.

    Thank you, PF members.
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    Good luck!!
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    I hope it all turns out well. :smile:
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