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Homework Help: Idea for calculus project

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    So I got my calc 2 final this week, and I'm doing it in leau of doing a calculus project. In case I fail the test too hard, I'd like to see if I can get a project done before the semester ends.
    The project involves going out and finding a business that could use calculus to make something better, and they don't know about it yet. Then I'd write it up and have the manager or whoever sign off on its usefulness. What I'm asking is if anyone knows a common inefficiency in any kind of business (not necessarily science or engineering related, in fact most projects aren't) that can be modeled with anything from calculus? Also, if it could be no more advanced than basic infinate series that would be great as that's all I have experience with.
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    Find another project; yours is still-born.
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    Umm, that is the only project. 22 out of the 29 kids in the class have decided to do the project over the final, so they all picked something. http://www.math.usf.edu/mug/structure01.htm" [Broken].
    I haven't looked over the previous projects yet, and I see now that there are several completly retarded entries... I'm still bad at coming up with ideas so I'm just going to work on studying instead. Still, if I fail on Wednesday, I'll have to try and slap a project together before 9pm on Sunday, so if anyone has any suggestions please lemmie know.
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