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Idea for paper on the scientific revolution

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    I'm currently taking a course called 'the scientific revolution' and I have to write a paper (~4500 words) for it. The subject can be pretty broad, it doesn't neccesarily have to do with the scientific revolution, there's some room for improvisation. Now I was thinking, what about a paper that explores the way 'infinity' has been viewed throughout the ages? Is that something I could write 4500 words about and I can find enough documentation for? If so, anyone have any tips for me regarding books/papers or things like that? Also, what would be a good central question? 'How has infinity been viewed through the ages?' will surely not be satisfactory for my teacher.
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    That seems like a rather dense/dry/complex paper for someone who's not versed in advanced mathematics. Wiki Georg Cantor and Aleph-Null and see if that subject still interests you. If so then ya, I could give you some sources.
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    George Gamow wrote a book many years ago (1947) titled "One Two Three... Infinity" discussing a similar subject. Amazon has used copies under $10.00
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    Thanks for the tips, I looked around some more and it doesn't really seem like a feasible subject after all. That book by George Gamow seems interesting though.
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