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Idea for Project

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    I've got an idea for a science project that I thought I'd run by you. I was walking home one day in the rain and I thought to myself, would I get more wet if I walk or run? At least initially I plan on ommiting wind... if I can get a handle on it then I'll add this to the mix.
    There are some problems though, obviously how fast you run will directly affect how wet you get... so I'll set it at maybe the average speed of a person my age, also the surface area will vary, again I'll set it at an average or mine something of that nature.
    As I see it the way to go about this would be to find the average mass of a rain drop, maybe even how far apart they would be

    Wow suddenly now that I'm typing this out I'm starting to get the feeling I might be in wayyy over my head.
    Is this whole plan impossible or can i pull this off? Im in no hurry by the way ive got months
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    you'll need a "top-view" surface area and a "front-view" Area,
    and you'll want to look at a FEW typical speeds for raindrops.

    (yes, they've reached "terminal speed" where F_grav + F_drag = 0 )

    It's do-able, especially as a spreadsheet simulation so you can tweak it.

    But if you start out with fundamentals like the mass of a raindrop,
    predicting the terminal speed from air drag is a whole other project.
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