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Idea needed on maths

  1. May 15, 2009 #1
    Hi guys, im currently undergoing my final year engineering project, so im implementing color sensor and im running through on a sensitivity analysis on my color sensor, so specifically my color sensor's output is in frequency, im measuring different types of color intensities, for an example i printed out red color by using bitmap resolution from paint, like from 50 to 70 with add on sequence of 51,52,53,54 and so on until 70. this is the color intensity of red, and i test it with my color sensor and get a certain output.

    the real deal is, im having this idea to prove this sensitivity theory via mathematical formula, im not from good maths background, so i need some guide of which method i can use, just guide me through, the significant values are the bitmap values, the frequency output, and the constant value going to be the distance of the color sensor from the surface. for my case its 2.8cm. i dont know whether it sounds ridiculous or no, but its intresting to always bring maths into analysis, please guide me.
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