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Idea of generating electricity

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    hello to everyone, first of all I apologies for my bad english

    the idea is - i will use 2 KW motor to spin a 50 KW alternator or generator.
    the cost to buy electricity is 17 p/kWh and to sell it to the grid is 5.1 p/kWh
    so my motor will use 48 kW in 24h with a cost of 8.16 pounds in 24 hours of electricity and the generator will produce 1200 kW in 24 hours, maybe less around 1000 kW which means 50 pounds a day. so the profit will be around 40 pounds a day
    what do you say about that?????
    will it work????
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    Doug Huffman

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    Nope. a 2kW rated motor drawing 50kW will burn up.
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    An exercise for thought: Why is so much effort put into mining fossil fuels and etc. when power plants could just do what you are describing? The answer of course is because what you are describing is impossible. You would be getting more power out than put in.
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    ant that is the idea to get out much more power than put in. I have seen 50 kW generator being very easy to spin by hand. and if the generator is producing the maximum power at 750 rpm, a 2 kw motor with 2800 rpm and a gear box to increase the power and to reduce the rpm to 750 will it still burn up???
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    You need to spend some time reading about how electrical motors are rated for power output and what the relationship between current in and power out for an electric motor is.

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