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Idea ?

  1. Jan 20, 2005 #1
    Idea ???

    Hello all!

    I'm back again.....sorry to say...I'm busy these days with my exams...and lots of club works....

    Ok...I've problem....I want to take research on Computer Science subject...but problem is as we are in South Aisa....we don't get much upto date news about technology....I mean...for research papers or other things...

    So, I need a idea from you ppl....in which sector of CSc. is flourishing?...and how should I be involbed in group researches???
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    Research what area you are interested in finding something new out. Think and whenever you say "I wonder if..." Find out. Most people in CS I've talked to are looking into the travelling salesman problem but that is being way over done. Go for something original.
  4. Jan 28, 2005 #3
    Your area (that is India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc) is a leading edge at Computer Technology as far as I know.
    Regarding your topic, try to build something with intelligent agents. You may also conduct research in wireless networking. Other undeveloped, but promising subjects might be aspect oriented programming and semantic networks. It depends on your skills and required originality of your work. Are you a CS student?
  5. Feb 26, 2005 #4
    yeah moni.. i dont think u should have any problems regarding your project and all.. India and the south asia is rather a region with one of the most com sci. and IT professionals and companies.

    regarding the update news n all, i would suggest you to subscribe the techtree newsletter.
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