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Homework Help: Ideal Gas Eqn Help

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    I have no clue how to start this problem can someone help?

    Problem: An automobile tire that has V= 0.6 m3 is inflated to a gage pressure of 200 kPA. Calculate the mass of air in the tire if the temperature is 20 Degree Celsius.

    Suggestion from my teacher: Air is assumed to be an ideal gas. Use the ideal gas equation (Absolute pressure and absolute temperature (Kelvin). PAtm= 14.7 #/in V= 100 kPA.

    Please help
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    PV = mRT/M

    You know the pressure (P), the volume (V), the temperature (T) and can easily obtain the molecular mass (M) of air. You can solve for m.

    Make sure that you use the correct units for everything.
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