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Ideal Gas Law Car TIre Problem

  1. Jan 16, 2006 #1
    here's another one that stumped me

    An automobile tire is inflated with air originally at 10C and normal atmospheric pressure. During the process the air is compressed to 28% of its original volume and the temperature is increased to 40C.
    a) what is the tire pressure?
    b) after the car is driven at high speed the tire air temperature rises to 85C and the interior volume of the tire increases by 2%. what is the new tire pressure (absolute) in pascals?

    the only reason why i dont know how to start this problem is because i dont know what is the initial pressure. all it says is "normal atmospheric pressure" :confused:
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    ok i got the first part

    Pinitial/T initial=Pfinal/Tfinal

    normal pressure= 1atm= 101.325kPa
    convert temps into Kelvins
    T initial= 283.15
    Tfinal= 313.15



    P= 400kPa

    but now i dont know how to get the second one
    I know the answer for b is 449 kPa
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    i think i solved the second part but tell me if this makes sense at all!

    the temp rises to 85C (359.15 K) and tire increases volume by 2%

    so using the numbers from part A with the same equation

    solve for P=457.726 BUT it's saying the volume of the tire increased by 2%
    so... 2% of 457.726 is 9.154

    since we gotta incorporate the 2% factor i subtracted 457.726-9.154
    gave me 448.57 which is 449kPa

    now did i do that right??
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