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Ideal gas law constant R conversion

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    Hi, not sure if this is the right forum to ask this in, but I was trying to convert the ideal gas law constant R (from PV = nRT) from:

    8.31 (Pa * cu. meters) / (mol * Kelvin) to the equivalent:

    10.73 (psia * cu. ft) / (lb. * mol * Rankine)

    Here's the conversion factors I've been using:
    1 Pa = 1.4505E-7 psia (absolute pressure)
    1 cu. meter = 35.315 cu. ft
    1 Rankine = 1.8 Kelvin

    What I don't understand is where does the extra pounds in the denominator of the 10.73 value come from? This is probably what's throwing off my calculations.

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    Doc Al

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    gm-Mole vs. lb-Mole

    In the first equation "mole" means "gram-Mole"; in the second the unit is "lb-Mole". You need to convert between gm-Moles and lb-Moles.
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    Ahh, using 1 gram = 0.0022 lb I finally got it. Thanks alot, this has really been bugging me :smile:
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    I always use this
    [tex]R = 0.082 \frac{atm \cdot l}{mol \cdot K} = 2 \frac{cal}{mol \cdot K} = 8.314 \frac{J}{mol \cdot K} [/tex]
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    Take a look at:
    http://www.adacs.com/menu/PDAcalc_units.php [Broken] This program runs on a palm, PocketPC,windows and will do all the conversions AUTOMATICALLY for you. Download the user manual which has an example of the PV = nRT formula that shows how it automatically convert between the different units.
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