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Homework Help: Ideal gas law to find volume

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    Consider an ideal gas at 27.0 degrees Celsius and 1.00 atmosphere pressure. Imagine the molecules to be uniformly spaced, with each molecule at the center of a small cube.

    What is the length L of an edge of each small cube if adjacent cubes touch but don't overlap?
    I know that the ideal gas law states V=nRT/p and that in this case R=8.2057(10^-5) m^3 (atm/mol*K), p=1atm, T=27+273K. What is n???? I can't solve without n!
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    Simply plug and chug.

    You may be forgetting to convert 27 centigrade to an absolute temperature scale such as kelvin.

    Never mind that; I didn't see the second part of your post.

    As for n, think about how many atoms you are finding the "cube" for.
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    am i approaching it the wrong way?
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    No you are approaching it the right way.

    Think about n. How many moles is one particle?
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    are you looking for 6.02*10^23 as the answer to your ^ question? sorry don't get it even if that's what you're looking for
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