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Ideal gas partition

  1. Apr 2, 2013 #1
    Two ideal gases are separated by a partition which does not allow molecules to pass from one volume to the other. Gas 1 has: N1, V1, T1, Cv1 for the number of molecules, volume it occupies, temperature in kelvin, and specific heat per molecule at constant volume respectively. Gas 2 has: N2, V2, T2, Cv2. The two gases are in thermal contact and reach a final temperature

    a) find the final temperature and the total change in energy of the combined system. Check your answer for the final temperature when N1=N2, V1=V2. Cv1=Cv2

    b)Evaluate the total change ina quantity H whose differential change is dH=dU+Vdp for each component and for the entire system

    c)evaluate the total change in a quantity A whose differential change is dA=(dU+pdV)/T for each component and for the entire system

    I am having trouble with b and c


    I already solved for the final temperature for part a, and when evaluated at equal N and V i got Tf=(T2+T1)/2
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