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Ideal Gas question (PV=nRT)

  1. Sep 1, 2009 #1
    The answer key says the answer is 0.3(0.082)(298)/4, using PV = nRT. (0.3 being the number of moles of gas after the reaction.)
    But according to the coefficients in the reaction, I thought since there are 0.2 moles of SO2 there should also be 0.2 moles of SO3.

    Is it a typo or am I wrong in how I approached the question?
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    This is a limiting reagent problem...

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    If I understand you correctly, I knew that, and I thought the limiting reactant was SO2. So I thought that if there were 0.2 moles of SO2, there would be 0.2 moles of the product...
    That was my logic

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    Correct logic so far.

    If SO2 is a limiting reagent, what can you tell about oxygen?

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    Ooooooookay I can't believe I didn't realize that!

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