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Ideal Gas

  1. Dec 12, 2016 #1
    "What is the change in internal energy (in Joules) of an ideal gas that does 4.675x10^5J of work, while 2.95x10^6J of heat is transferred into the system and 7.95x10^6J of heat is transferred from the system to the environment? Calculate the change in temperature of the two moles of the gas. (R=8.314 J/mol.k)
    Formulas on equation sheet relating to concept: U=3/2 nRT, change in U=Q-W

    Me and my friend attempted two different ways, i'm probably wrong but my setup was
    I found the two answers and added then together and did 7.95x10^6=8.314(2)(T) found this answer, then subtracted the two answers to get a final temperature.
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