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Ideal Job

  1. Aug 12, 2008 #1
    If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

    For a long time I thought science and engineering. I bought an issue of National Geograpic at the book store at the school I was visiting for a conference (Its cover is about Iran). So, thumbing through it I was amazed at the picture it has. REALLY nice pictures of anything and everything from all over the world. I'm looking through it now on an article about Moscow that I want to read....

    Anyways...the point of this is that I realized this is what I *really* like. Learning new things about other cultures. Sometimes I watch programs on TV about bushpeople and find that fascinating. Or I'll watch a show about guys crab fishing in alaskan seas. Or I'll watch Andrew Zimmers Bizzare Foods or the travel channel. The travel channel also had some great programs on old buildings in china.

    I watch google videos when I can. I've seen some on Iranian divorce and the court sytem (really interesting). Another one I came across by accident was about this white woman who went to india and gave these little girls (6-10years) living in a brothel with their mothers small pocket cameras. She lived with them for a while and told them to go around and take pictures of anything they wanted to. The results were really interesting.

    I think it would be a really neat job to go around the world and live with some people for 6months to year and really get to know the day to day things people do, customs, nuances, etc. From the very rich to the very poor and write what their day-to-day life is like.

    I think thats the problem with most articles about other countries. They go there for a week or two, talk to some locals, and paint an incomplete picture.

    I think its a job you would never get tired of and have one story after another to tell about things you did or saw happen.

    Someone give me a few million bucks so I can get to work.

    Sociology and social dynamics are interesting. Which makes me mad, because pretty much everyone up to high school has to take sociology, yet they learn STUPID facts like this year china did this, and that year europe did that. Instead, they should teach a modern worldview of other countries so most Americans arent ignorant of other cultures. (I had an american guy we were having beers with at a bar a few weeks ago say: "Muslims dont eat pork? I never knew that........" <smacks forehead>....

    I think thats enough pointless posting for now....
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    I have always wanted to work at a particle accelerator. Most of the amazing discoveries in physics have been made in one.

    Or make a living in a fusion band.:rofl:
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    I'm like you Cyrus, I absolutely love learning about different cultures, countries, travel, origin of languages...ect. I love National Geographic, documentary and history channels...ect. There aren't to many realistic careers to go alone with that though and I love science to so I'm going with science as the career with the hope to do a ton of traveling whenever I can. Eventually I am hoping to work as a toxicology specialist with the RCMP, that would be neat.
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    I thought science and engineering.

    But now, different cultures.
    Going out to remote places and living with them like them, living their sorrows and happiness ...

    Only difference: I am not into Iran culture
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    The thing with science is that you SIT there with a book, or at your desk. You write code, or maybe you teach. But it gets mundane. Every once in a while something happens that makes you excited, but there ARE periods of gee I cant wait till this crap is over with.

    When you get to go out and experience other cultures its always something new and eye opening.
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    Hmmm, you also ride motorcycles. Atheist......yes?........yes?........:tongue2:
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    But, I think racism is a big problem.
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    What do you mean?
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    Astronaut. No joke, after I get a Ph.D. I will keep applying until I get it or die.
  11. Aug 13, 2008 #10
    I found this really interesting site by accident.


    It has a computer rendition of what the ancient ruins of Persepolis looked like before Alexander the great burned it down. But this massive structure was build 599BC, almost 600 years before the Parthenon in Greece. Although, the Egyptians win with their ever more impressive structures nearly 3000BC!

    I've seen the ruins in person, and they are massive. I tried to find reconstructive images of this place for a while, but its really nice to see these computer images that makes it seem more real with the water trees, colors and people as if you are really there.

    I also saw an interesting place on TV in China where the building is carved into the side of a mountain. The steps look as if they are floating in mid air, so the local government put these fake, tall thin wooden posts to seem as if they support the steps, otherwise tourists were to scared to go up them. The best part is when the guy says to the camera, oh these are total BS and he moves the long post with his hand back and forth. "See, they dont do anything at all!"
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    I've never seen someone spam/derail their own thread before.
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    :rofl: Yeah................even I'm fair game to my own derailment.
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    By the time your finished with your PhD, I doubt there will be any manned space flight! :frown:
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    i would like to sit around in my boxers and get paid gratuitous amounts of money. i wish i could major in laziness and debauchery but i settled for math and physics instead.
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    Don't give up your day job.
    http://www.artarena.force9.co.uk/persepolis.htm" [Broken]

    I would be a software engineer.
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    I've read that one - about a year or two ago. It was beautiful.
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    It seems very much like flying is right up your alley. It has it ups and downs but you travel a great deal and you learn much about meteorology, foreign cultures, and about psychology.

    I lost count after 30+ countries and have gotten to see many cool places including the Pyramids, Stonehenge, and the plains of East Africa to name a few. It has also given me the chance to live in Europe for 3 years and in the Far East for over 2 years (where I picked up pottery as one of my favorite hobbies).
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    I want to be paid to do my own research in my own room. I know I'm incredibly sad but thats what I enjoy doing.
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    I am not sure what's the probability that people of other cultures would discriminate against you if you go to their countries/places. It can take a lot of effort to get mixed into a closed culture (only way to understand them)

    But, I am sure there will be many people who wouldn't welcome you because you are from x country, y color .. etc.

    I think this is really big problem in Asian countries (not sure if it is still there). I was reading somewhere that they charge more to whites, discriminate against non-Asians in Japan or HK etc. Some people would find it hard to trust you etc. (I don't have any statistics right now)

    So, it can be hard sometimes to deal with those people / make them treat you like they would treat themselves or people from their own culture.

    Does most people think only whites discriminate? :rofl:
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