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I'm a first year (Applied) Physics student (in Holland, writing style mistakes preserved :) ), and for quite an easy subject i have to write an approximatley 12 pages long report about an appearance I can physically describe. It doesn't need to be complicated, it doesn't have to be exact. in other words, I don't need to describe in to mathematical perfection; suitable approximations to make it more simple and understandable are 'appreciated'.

I've been thinking a while now for a nice and fun topic, for example the "Powerball". With gyroscopic effects (so just by making circles with your hand while wielding the ball) you can make the weight of the ball feel like it's twice as much.

However, rotational motion and momentum aren't quite my specialty :) so I've decided not to write about this, but I hope I've sketched the kind of direction I want to go.

So, I was hoping for a few ideas, which aren't rocket science, but not too easy aswell.

Thanks in advance!


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1,273 appearance I can physically describe...
I don't know what this means in physics terms. An appearance you can describe could apply to anything from a ghost to a blade of grass.
Well, that's true to some extent.. I could describe into detail why grass is green, what forces act when it blows because of the wind, but that's boring and I doubt anyone would be interested in reading a 10+ pages report about 1 blade of grass.

Since I can't make up anything that would be 'fun' and interesting to describe, I seek inspiration here.
I'm asking if there's any interesting object that behaves in a weird way, or is just "simply awesome" to look at, or to experience, which could fill a small size report?
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Golf balls and why they have those divots all over them? Maybe then how applying that aerodynamic property to a car would improve fuel efficiency?

Or, a light bulb?

Do you like sports and aerodynamics, if so any sport ball would be a good topic.

Or.. magnets? Magnet balls?

Or, a famous bridge? Or a dyke? In relation to tension and forces?

The hoover dam?

Or an egg?

A hand crank air-raid siren?

What's your favorite kind of physics? Tension, aerodynamics, electricity, magnetism, sound, light...?

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