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Ideas for a senior project

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    In my university there is a senior project class in which the whole semester you try to engineer something to show off all of the knowledge you've gained thus far. In the past projects have been things such as online social networks, video games, underwater robotics, business software, etc. So, there are a wide range of things you can choose to do. Teams usually consist of 4 people.

    Personally, I am very interested in things that require good math/science skills. Plus, I have an interest in robotics. But, I can't seem to narrow down exactly what kind of project I want to do for this class...and many of my current colleagues lack fresh ideas as well. Are there any suggestions?

    I was also thinking of simulating something with graphics and doing visualization, but I just can't think of what I would apply that to. If you had a whole semester to work on a project, what would it be on?
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    You can contribute to any open source community to finish off one of their major goals...this will serve as the project.
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    I just started working with ros (robotics operating system), which can be thrown onto a lot of existing hardware and can be used to solve all sorts of fun problems. I've always liked robotics programming 'cause you've got the whole set in it: network programming, machine learning/AI, computer vision, OS layer (drivers), computer security, etc.
    Another option might be the IEEE micromouse competition, as the hardware isn't so difficult. I've done IGVC (autonomous ground vehicle competition), and kids at the robotics club at my school are doing IASV(autonomous underwater), and both seem to require an interdisciplinary team.

    Pick any data you're interested in and go for it. Han's Rosling does some amazing stuff with global economic data, University of Maryland's HCI crew does some cool stuff with all sorts of info, and there are all sorts of other fun projects floating around.
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    At our school, we had 2 major qualifying projects within our major-- each of these we worked on things which were local to the school rather than something grandiose. For our first project, we made a VRML map of the campus (VRML was a hot topic at the time, now it's pretty obscure), but something along the lines of a virtual map might get you in the door with graphics programming, depending on what you decided to work with.

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    How about a 3D Scanner? I've seen them build with a turntable, a line laser and a webcam. Calibrating the system involves some interesting math.
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    What about doing some chess programming. This is a very interesting research filed in computer science and encompasses artificial intelligence, algorithms, optimization, etc. You could integrate your interest in robotics by constructing a computer controlled arm to play on a real board.
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