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Homework Help: Ideas for an Engineering Essay

  1. Sep 25, 2009 #1
    Hi everyone
    I’m doing an engineering course at school and we need to write a 2000 word essay on why engineers have failed society (you can choose to agree or disagree)

    The description for the essay is:
    Engineers have failed society by designing products that have high energy consumption and are not environmentally friendly. Evaluate this statement with reference to the automobile industry, the construction industry or energy production.

    I plan to disagree with the statement and say that its governments and big businesses that influence the type of products we use and slowing down any new 'green' products

    the thing is I don’t think i can write 2000 words about it because truth be told i actually don't know what to write about, so the reason I’m posting here is to ask if anyone can give me some ideas on what to focus and write about and to find reliable sources of information

    Any help will be great

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    I need much help myself with this.... :(
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    You might want to research the history of CAFE standards in the auto industry. One little wrinkle involves the Plymouth PT Cruiser. It's a little station wagon on a Neon body. Somehow, lobbyists got the Feds to re-classify it as a "truck" so that its high fuel economy (averaged in with real trucks) would allow Dodge to avoid improving fuel economy in its truck fleet.
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