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Ideas for Final Year Project

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    I'm new here and I really need help from you guys.
    I'm an engineering student and need to do project proposal for my final year project. We have 6 month to do the proposal and I cannot think of any idea.
    I have experience in using
    -CNC Turning and Milling
    -Milling machine
    -Pneumatic and hydraulics.

    Any idea will do. I really do need your idea. :bow:
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    Look around you for some need in your community and then see if you can build something satisfy it.

    One African student saw a need to protect the village cattle from lions attacking at night. He developed a blinking light
    system from old car parts and mounted it on the corral fencing. The lions watched and stayed away thinking there was
    someone there.


    Another college student came up with a gravity light for places where there's no electricity. The home owner raises the weight and let's it drop. It in turn turns a small generator which powers the light. It's not real bright but bright enough to read.


    Lastly, a European inventor cam up with a novel urban bike design called the kiffy. It's a trike with wheels in front and a storage rack for carrying things.

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    I'll try cram my brain. ;)
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