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Ideas for Interferometry project? - Help Needed

  1. Nov 23, 2011 #1
    1. Hi!
    Sorry, was unsure whether this was the right place to post, new here. In any case, I need a bit of help with a project a friend and I are working on.

    First of all, it's a pretty large project, supposed to take us approx 100 hours. We're in the last year of Swedish high school, only had physics as a subject for 1,5 years, so don't expect too much in terms of prior knowledge.

    Anyway, what I needed help with, was were to go with this project. We have a PASCO Precision interferometer and a "Basic Microwave Optics System". We're borrowing them from a place that isn't related to our school, and the person who is putting them at our disposal gave us a long list of fairly short experiments, at most a few hours. The thing is our schoolteacher is very clear on the fact that we should have a coherent idea of what we're examining and not just do a bunch of experiments, and most importantly, relate this to some field such as modern research or industry. Anyone here have any idea as to what we could do with this equipment? Michelson–Morleys experiment came up in a discussion, but for that we were told you need to be able to turn the interferometer without friction, which we can't. Any suggestions are welcome. Also we have a basic physics and a chemical spectrophotometer in case you have any ideas that could include them.

    So basically some project idea which we can spend around 100 hours on, using mentioned equipment, and which can easily be linked to some industrial or scientific context.

    The teacher who is supposed to help us hardly seems to know anything about the field.

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