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Ideas for Main Project (Written Report)


In december, I'll do my high-school final year project. As one of my key-subject is physics, I thought some of you perhaps had some ideas about themes etc.

The high-school project is a written assignment/report on about 20-25 pages, so the preparation has to be tip top.

Last year, was only a demo project year. I made a report about Classical Astronomy - analysing the theories of "the world" from the timeline of Plato to advanced theories in the time of Einstein. A 95/100 in grade.

I'm writing this in the college level forum, as the teaching in my physics class is higher than average high school standards.

As for now, I've been looking at the theory of Holistic Quantum Cosmology with Decreasing Gravity.

I apologize for any grammatical error, as I haven't corrected it, or neither is english my native language, as I'm a danish citizen.
anyone who'se got an idea or two?

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