Ideas for my senior project ?

  1. Hi everybody..

    i shall start my senior project soon ...

    what i'm looking for now is the topic of the project ..

    I'm interested specifically in the structural analysis ..

    your ideas and advises are very welcomed
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  3. Aircraft Structures is one of my fav areas as well. Why don't you try researching on Composite materials? It's got huge industrial potential (note the popularity of GLARE). Fragmentation studies may also be useful. More Mathematically oriented with Aerodynamics thrown in would be wing morphing which sounds extremely interesting and may be very useful esp for surveillance UAVs idk...If you're more theoretical and ambitious, you can even try implementing current Finite Element software for Impact analysis.

    Aside from Structures, other practical projects could include research on Bio fuels (and adapting them for current engine models) or Aircraft Noise (Aeroacoustics is an extremely interesting subject and noise is very crucial esp for helicopters)

    Hope I helped somehow....but I think it's probably best to ask your lecturer who may give you a more definite idea of the current necessities in the Industry
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