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Ideas for review paper

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    Hello all! I have to write a review paper of several current articles for my Gas Dynamics course. My research is in Welding and Automation, so I have very little experience in the area of aerodynamics. However, I have recently read a book on Lockheed Skunk Works and think that I would like to find a topic that deals with or has an application to the SR-71 Blackbird. I just wanted input on topic selection, since you all seem to be very knowledgeable. I want something that I can find at least four recent articles on and that is accessible to someone with an engineering background but only an introductory knowledge of aerodynamics. I was tentatively considering sonic boom propogation.

    Thanks for any thoughts!
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    You want to find recent articles dealing with the aerodynamics of the SR-71? Not very likely. The only articles you're likely to find now are on it's retirement. If recent is not a real concern, the first topic as far as gas dynamics comes to mind is the variable inlet design. The inlet spikes were a pretty fascinating design aspect that had a lot to do with the aircraft's performance at those high speeds. They actually provided a lot of the thrust for the aircraft at high speeds.
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    I use the term "recent" pretty loosely (70s onward, I suppose). I like the idea about the inlet spikes. We just got done covering RAMjets and flow with heat addition, so I think it might be doable for me.
    I was also thinking about space shuttle re-entry, but I know that with hypersonic flight there is dissociation and variant specific heats, which makes it a significantly more complicated flow problem. Would it be possible for me to find several articles on the design of the space shuttle tiles (finite element models of heating, etc.)? I was hoping there would be several nice articles on this, since it came to the forefront during the Columbia disaster.
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    i didn't quite understand what you want, but i'm a Mechanical engineer and most of us know aerodynamics and heat transfer whether finite or not. i mean applications OF the SR-71? like spying?or research? then u move to sonic booms, which is all about physics and calculations, but are mostly simple and easy to do. as for the aerodynamics of the SR-71? whats the question about it!
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