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Ideas for School Project?

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    I'm looking for some ideas for my mechanical engineering school project.
    It can be anything but needs to have at least two of the following:

    Also it must be entirely realisable during the semester.

    Really not looking at making stirling engines or any type of engine right now as everyone seems to be doing that.
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    Welcome to the PF. There are some "Similar Threads" links at the bottom of the page that may help, and you could also do a search in this ME forum for threads with "project" in the title. That may bring up some ideas.

    If not an engine, how about a safe? Or some other kind of lock? Or a bicycle from scratch? Make a "Jaws of Life", starting with a chainsaw engine as the power source. Or a 1/32 scale elevator....
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    Yeah I thought I was logged in earlier and was wondering why there was no search function. I just found a lot of stuff actually, thanks for the help.

    I was actually thinking of making a lightweight hydraulic car jack. We (me and my partner) were hoping on making a double piston one but we've had no luck in actually finding a double piston hydraulic hand jack. All I've found are single piston ones.
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