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Ideas on entrance telescopes

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    I've been interested in astronomy and other relative fields since I was a child, but due to my music commitments I've never had any 1'st-person experience in relation to utilizing a scope. My parents bought me a Celestron Powerseeker 675 back when I was a kid, but I only ever pointed it at the moon once, then I dropped it! Fool I know!
    My main question here is now I've managed my schedule, I'd love to jump into astrophotography, but obviously need good experience with a scope and the night-sky first!
    I realize that I'm at the lowest rank of astronomical experience, but I'm a quick learner and don't want to spend money on anything too basic! I have around £500 kicking around, and was wondering if anyone could point me towards a scope that will aid me well both as a beginner AND, as I gain knowledge and experience, when my skills advance. Any help would-be greatly appreciated.
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    Given your inexperience, I'd suggest that rather than buying a 'scope right now you look into local astronomy clubs in your area. You'll have an opportunity to observe through a number of different instruments and learn about their capabilities, as well as gain practical experience and knowledge from the more seasoned amateurs who, I can promise you, will be all too eager to show of their 'scopes and answer any questions you might have.
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