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Identification Algorithm?

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    Hello everybody
    I started recently working on an engineering problem that requires as a first step, the identification of the system.
    I already have a model which is a set of differential and algerbraic equations. Unfortunatelly, the system is a parameter varying one, and the aime is to identify these parameters. Taking in consideration that i have input and output measurements, and about 20 parameter to identify.
    Does any one have an idea about an identification algorithm that can be used for such problem?

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    It really doesn't make much sense to estimate the parameters of a time-varying system, unless you have the model for the time dependence of the parameters as well (periodicity, explicit functional form?) or you have some specific real-time application that I can't think off right now. Anyway, I'd really appriciate it if you'd share your models and tell us what you're trying to do
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    Hi elibj123

    Thanks for taking time and responding to my thread.

    In fact, i do have the expressions of the parameters, but since the model has 8 parameters, each parameter's expression contains three parameters, so 8*3=24 paameter to be identified.

    The sensitivity of the model to the parameters varries from one parameter to an other.

    I tried some algorithms such as different versions of the least squares, Gradient algo, Newton-Raphson, but they don't work!

    Unfortunatelly, i can't share the model, because i don't have the right to, at least for the time beying.:frown:

    I will be verry glad if you can provide some advices.
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