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Homework Help: Identification of ions in mixture

  1. Jul 11, 2009 #1
    I am prepare for a practical experiment,
    this is a practical experiment aim to identify the anions and cations in the solution,
    and those ions are choosed from Pb, Ba, Ca, Cu,Fe2, Fe3 and CO3, Cl, PO, SO, NO3.
    where can i find the solubility in water for any ionic compound that can be formed from above pair from internet, even i found it, how do i known whether it is soluble or insoluble. i have found some solubility in 'revelant solubility', i don't know what it means.

    so far i have been told that the flame test is not available, so it mainly focused on the observation for the precipitate it formed. what could be the erorrs or something should be aware of to avoid errors, and what could be done to improve the reliability of the result.
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    Search on the solubility product for all of the binary compounds you can make between the anions and cations on that list. Assume the metals are cations and the nonmetals and polyatomics are anions.
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    You may also google for solubility rules - while simplified, they can be sufficient for your task.

    Chemical calculators at
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    those information are very useful, thank you.
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