Identify the bird

  1. Identify the bird!!

    Okay,,so we will post the pic of bird which we see around and the others will identify it...So i saw this bird but i can't identify it...i hope you can:smile:

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  3. Evo

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    a Baby heron? Didn't think they flew into trees .
  4. i just googled to see what baby heron looks like!
    i dont think it is baby heron...
    yeah....i normally see them on trees....i took it while it was on a tree....more particularly a dead tree..

    you see it in your neigbourhood also?...i thought this is an asian bird..
  5. It's an egret, a little one most probably.
  6. rcgldr

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    Neck seems a bit short for an egret, but the angle makes it tough to see.
  7. are correct neutino...someone told me its name already but i couldn't remember it..
    so how did you recognise it..
  8. A member in another forum I visit, who is a first-rate nature-photographer, usually takes a lot of pics of egrets around his place. Although those were from the eastern US, the birds from opposite sides of the world look more or less the same, at least to my untrained eyes. :smile:
  9. so here is another.........forgive for the clarity of the pic..but time was 5 o' clock in the morning..

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  10. neutrino...he is too good o:) is heron!

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  11. He'd probably be happier if you told that to him. :wink:
  12. Could that be a quail, a Himalayan quail to be particular?

    Btw, can quails fly? It seems that this one is also sitting on a branch of a tree. If it is a quail, then that is quite a precious picture, Heman, since, according to the article, these birds are extremely hard to spot.
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  13. Gokul43201

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    The two most common water birds in India (in my experience) are herons and egrets - no idea what specific species. The herons are easily identified by the spike of feathers in the back of the head.

    No spike => egret!
  14. Gokul43201

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    I've never seen quail up on trees!

    But then, the only time I've seen an egret on a tree was when the tree was in the middle of a lake.
  15. I took the pics in the campus itself....
    Well both of them were sitting on the trees....erget was sitting on a tree on the roadside...
    and while taking the pic of the other one i took it from quite a distance fearing it may fly...there was lot of vegetation around...ohhh yeah i remember my friend called this bird as "teetar".....and we were standing there for quite a lot of time..
  16. Google gives lots of hits for Francolins when you search for 'Teetar'.
  17. Evo

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    I meant Egret. :cry: Egret, Heron, they both have long legs. :frown:
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