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Homework Help: Identifyin unknown compounds

  1. Feb 4, 2010 #1
    I have my ch6 practical coursework coming up and we have to identify 6 compounds and theirs 8 all together that they could be.
    what test can i use to show I have diphenylmethanone, benzonitrile, ethyl benzenecarboxylate (aromatic ester) and ethanamide?

    I've been trying to think what i could do now for past week and I just keep going round in circles. There is limited resources I can use too :
    dilute sodium hydoxide
    dilute sulfuric acid
    sodium hydrogencarbonate
    litmus paper
    sodium nitrite
    tollens and iodoform

    I know that the ester is insolule in water so i would try to dissolve it in methanol.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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