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Identifying a molecule

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    Just saw a molecule on TV. It was a tattoo. Want to identify it.


    Is there a way of researching it?

    Or I guess I can just give up and ask...

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    Update: it is extremely close to caffeine.
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    Update update:

    It's chocolate.

    I am astonished that an hour of searching online never once turned that up. Incredible.

    My wife found it in three minutes.
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    Are you referring to theobromine? Because the structures are slightly different (although I imagine they were aiming to have theobromine on the tattoo).
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    Of general interest for future use: ChemSpider is a free chemical database that you can search a number of different ways (structure, formula, common names, and so on).

    In particular - I searched for this particular compound (which is, as Ygggdrasil notes, is probably meant to be theobromine) - wasn't able to find an exact match (and the skeleton match was taking forever. Or the window just timed out and didn't update me).
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    Yes. The "chocolate molecule". It was on a desserts cooking show.
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