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Identifying Gate Logic

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    Hi there

    I'm currently doing a digital fundamentals paper and I was wondering if anyone could identify a logic symbol on the spec sheet attached, and what's it used for. It's on page 4, and the logic symbol is a diamond that is surrounded by 4 traingles. Theres eight of them and it's near pins 5, 3, 2, 4, and 1.
    Also, where would pins 16 and 8 go on the spec sheet?


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    Guessing here but from the descriptions those are the latches. The load line either allows the current data to flow through (not active) or latches in the previous output (latched case).

    Well VDD is your supply voltage and VSS is ground most likely. If you are asking where they would go on the logic diagram they would be all over the places as what you are seeing as logic blocks are made of transistors which require connection to both of those.
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    They are transmission gates:


    And what do you mean by where do Vdd and Vss go on the "spec sheet"? As Floid says, they are the power and ground pins for the IC.
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    Oh right, sorry, don't know what I was thinking when I was typing haha! Thanks a lot!!
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