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Homework Help: Identifying magnetic materails

  1. Nov 12, 2006 #1

    I'm just given the magnetic susceptibiliy of materails [tex]\chi[/tex], for which I'm supposed to identify what class of magnetic materail they belong too. Some basic rules are listed in the notes.

    Ferromagnets [tex]\chi > 0, u >> 1[/tex]

    cold rolled steel 2250
    Monimax 669

    Paramagnets [tex]\chi > 0, u > 1[/tex]

    Oxygen (liquid at -219 C) 3.9E-4
    Manganese 1.0E-6
    Chorium 4.5E-6

    Diamagnet ([tex]\chi < 0, u < 1[/tex]

    Ice - 8.1E-6 (I know ice XI is ferrielectric)
    Helium - 0.58E-6

    However I looked on wiki and it appears Chormium is antiferromagnetic and manganese is non-magnetic. I'm fairly sure sure helium is a superconductor. This is question 1, on an easy work sheet so I'm not sure what to answer.
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