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Homework Help: Identifying Material Based on Density

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    My sister has an experiment where she's found the densities of 3 woods and 2 metals, and is asked to identify the materials based on these calculations. Does anyone know of any good links to tables that has various woods and metals and their densities. I have a table of properties of various woods, but the densities she found don't exactly show up on the table. Thanks. In case you happen to know off-hand, or if it helps finding an appropriate table, the values are:

    Wood A : 0.646 g/cm³
    Wood B : 0.178 g/cm³
    Wood C : 0.634 g/cm³
    Light Metal : 2.95 g/cm³
    Dark Metal : 8.48333... g/cm³
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    http://www.mc2-ice.com/popular_conversion/popular_conversion_files/material/weights.html [Broken]

    But you have to convert to the US/Brit measurement (imperial).

    Hope this helps

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