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Identities theorem problem

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    I need help on the following problem. (attached)


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    Draw a picture of some curve (i.e. make a guess about what the curve looks like), shade the regions given, then think about what they are asking -- perhaps the answer will become obvious...
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    hello there

    f '(5)-f '(2) =11
    f '(11)-f '(8) =27
    f '(5)-f '(8)+f '(11)-f '(2)=f '(5)-f '(2)+f '(11)-f '(8) =11+27=38
    I hope you do know what i have done, take care

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    I'm not sure if 38 is the correct answer though
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    can you explain how you got to that part? :cool:
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    hello there

    why arnt you sure, what are you having doubts about? explain your thoughts?

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    even though i scanned it in there, it was a mere guess.
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    hello there

    well I have basically given you the answer all you have to do now is interpret it, you must have some prior knowledge of knowing the basics of how to understand this question, by the way they were suppose to be capital F's

    F(5)-F(2) =11
    F(11)-F(8) =27
    F(5)-F(8)+F(11)-F(2)=F(5)-F(2)+F(11)-F(8) =11+27=38

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    can you state the theorem or definition that makes that true? I understand the format it's in, but not why it works. Even visualizing it doesnt make sense :(
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    actually, i drew myself a picture, and now i understand it now :)
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    guess a picture is worth a thousand words... here it is attached

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    i really appreciate the quick response... that's what makes physicsforums a great place!!!!
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    you welcome

    well we are happy for you to be part of this forum, by the way you havnt told us what your answer was?
  15. Jun 25, 2005 #14
    When i was doing that problem, I had originally put the answer as 38 because somewhere in the back of my mind i had recalled reading about adding and subtracting integrals.

    I didnt understand what the answer was, but after i drew the picture, it became more clear :) The answer is 38.
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    [tex]\int_a^b f(x) dx =\int_a^c f(x) dx +\int_c^b f(x) dx[/tex]
    [tex]\int_a^b f(x) dx =-\int_b^a f(x) dx[/tex]
    Do you know these identities?
    These 2 make given problem almost formal.
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