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IDE's for MPI on a mac

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    I've recently been forced to use a Mac, which i'm not at all familiar with, and I'm trying to do some coding with MPI. However, it's ending up that I'm spending all my time trying to get even the simplest "Hello World" program to work on this bloody machine and I haven't even started my actual coding. I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find (or could just tell me) a step-by-step set of instructions as to how I can install something like MPICH on a mac, with the proper compilers and such, and tell me an IDE I can use where I can actually run and debug code (although, at this point, I think that may be asking too much). Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Have you seen http://mpich.darwinports.com/" [Broken] yet?
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    maverick, have you tried the Xcode suite and Developer Tools? It is the most recommended and integrated programming environment that comes with all Mac computers. If you're using OS X it's on one of your install DVDs.
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    I'd be perfectly fine with Xcode but I can't get it to compile MPI.
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