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IDI diesel with swirl chambers

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    I am VERY interested in IDI diesel engines and the upper limits of their efficiency range. I used to post on vwdiesel.net but the site is down now. I was looking into increasing the efficiency of the 1.6l turbo diesel engine by making a new"er" head made from a preexisting aluminum one out of a different material, as well as increasing the efficiency of the swirl chambers in the head, and combustion in gereral. I have run out of resources, and am looking into metalurgy and mechanical engineering in the design area for ways to produce a head from a currently existing design, perhaps even increasing efficiency over stock. The idea is to use a head from a German AAZ cyl head "not available in the U.S." on the 1.6l block which will lower static compression, allowing for more boost than is available normally. I have a ballpark figure of how much power I wish to produce is 350Horsepower and around 450 ftlbs of torque. The IDI was abandoned due to efficiency and ease of production of DI parts and power and that design hit technological limitations of the time. That wat more than 30 years ago, I would like to pursue this as a mechanical design is preferrable because no electronics are necessary. I will be a special turbo that is a hybrid of two VNT's or Variabl nozzle turbines producing at maximum a total of 35-45 psi boost. The injection pump will be one that is modified to produce more fuel than I will be able to ever use, and targert rpms are 7500+ "yes this is possible" I am kind of in a hurry, I will be in afghanistan in nov. timefram and woud like to get the ball rolling with a machinig facility or otherwise to have this completed upon my return "if any" I will be putting this powerplant into a toyota MR2 Spyder. I realize that all of this may sound a bit absurd but trust me when I say that there is a lot of hard work and research behind most of this there are just some loose ends I would like help tying up.

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    So what are the loose ends? I'm about half way through developing a medium DI engine at the moment...
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    the loose ends are trying to find someone with the means and the gumption to assist me in making a head from a material other than aluminum. And if there is a more efficient design then new swirl chambers would certainly in order. I was thinking of using ceramic for the swirl cahmbers and pistons, toyota used it and increased effficiency and lowered emissions however the amount of NOX increased slightly. I would love to have my own forge, but I live on base and I'm sure the General might have a problem with a backyard scientist building his own forge in a government house, not that it is against the rules, just frowned upon. "especially after the LARGE Tesla coil fiasco":uhh:
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