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IE and spyware

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    I was using IE for a little while when some crap downloaded onto my computer. Now I have something called SpyAxe, which is supposed to be an antispyware program. Now I can't go anywhere in IE, and I for some reason can't uninstall spyaxe. Can anyone help?
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    I found this posting on a forum after searching.
    Found the cure to the SpyAxe popup activity! I actually got desperate enough to complain last night through their website email form. Tonight I got a reply from them stating a lot of complaints came thru due to affiliate's illegal advertising of their product. They provide a simple fix that really worked. Here is the instructions they sent:

    In order to clean your PC from infections related to Spyware Axe product, please follow the instructions below:
    1) Save Uninstallers.zip from http://www.spyaxe.com/uninstall/uninstallers.zip [Broken] to your desktop or HDD.

    2) Extract 2 files "illegal_adv_uninstall1.exe" and "illegal_adv_uninstall2.exe" to your desktop or your HDD using WinZip.

    3) Execute both of them one by one by double-clicking with your mouse.

    4) Reboot your PC

    5) Your PC is now clean from the infections.

    I would download Ad-Aware personal from download.com. It is easily the best spyware removal tool.
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    I try to run the files but nothing happens

    EDIT: OK, I got it working, thanks alot. It was getting very annoying.
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    Might I suggest the following for the future: Opera Web Browser
    It loads in seconds, but more importantly, most of the time it shows "IE-only" pages just fine. Even if certain broken pages don't show properly, it can even pretend to be IE!
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    There is your problem.
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    I normally use opera
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    Implies you use Windows...
    I can only suggest that you get a better operating system.
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    You people are ridiculous. Not everybody cares for Linux.
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    I agree that most people who put down Windows and IE don't know what they're talking about. I understand that these software are not perfect but neither are the competitors. There is also that issue of popularity, if the other browsers were as popular you'd certainly see alot more spyware and malware targeting them. I have Win 2003 Server and you should see how impenetrable this thing is while running the Microsoft ISA especially with the SP1 security enhancements. If you get spyware it's not entirely your OS & browser's fault, you also have some fault of your own for not being better protected or more aware of malicious sites, keep that in mind.
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    hmm, I think that in a past post, some one told you not to use IE.

    maybe it was some one else, but you have learned a hard lesson.

    to get it off, you might need to use any number of spyware removal tools, or it might not be removable at all.

    you might want to listen to Security Now and TWiT and Leo Laport's Show on KFI good tips on protecting yourself on line.

    also, get firefox, and stop using IE.
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    the biggest problem with windows is that it is so dang popular it is a huge target, and then to add to that, it's security has stunk for so long and is only marginally better after SP2. sure, you can mitigate the problems by running AV and Spyware prevention tools, and not using IE, and having a firewall, etc, but it is still a lot of work for someone who does not know what they are doing with security.

    Linux is great for people who do not want the security hassle from the usage of the web (there is a minimum amount of security every user needs to employ, but we are talking about upkeep here).. and Macs are great for people who think that the CD tray is a cup holder (and for power users like me too :-D )

    I would like to add that it is the fault of the user for getting spyware for choosing an OS they cannot manage properly.
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    One of the main reasons FireFox is more secure than IE in windows is because FireFox doesn't support activeX (without a plugin). But notice you can easily set the security settings for this (Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level) or even disable it. In FireFox on the other hand you'll either get "Browser not supported" on the website, or your activex plugin will be buggy and more vulnerable than IE's. ActiveX does a lot of cool things, and with IE you at least have the option of using it.
    By editing IE's security settings you can make it so secure it'll hardly display any page, so most spyware is due to a misconfigured browser. The latest Microsoft Service Packs try to make this easier for any user by showing an appropriate message bar on the top of the screen whenever a site tries to download ActiveX controls, files, etc... but this functionality has always been there, most people just didn't know where to find it (which is the only thing i blame Microsoft for).

    Also notice that Linux is not for everybody, i hardly see highschool girls using Linux for running a chat app, so the target audience of Windows, and hence IE, is much less educated.
    (I also blame Microsoft for not updating the Java VM, which can create a security hole)
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  14. Nov 13, 2005 #13
    The target audience might be less sophisticated users, but the OS is not safe for those users.

    lets look at the logic here in the thread.

    1)Linux is to hard for unsophisticated users
    2)Windows is targeted to unsophisticated users
    3)To use windows securely, you need to know what you are doing
    Contradiction: Unsophisticated users do not know what they are doing. Therefore, they should NOT be using windows.
  15. Nov 13, 2005 #14
    Do you know how to format your harddrive and install windows yomamma? My dad always uses IE, and rather than tell him about virus protectors, spyware removers and all that other junk, I showed him how to format his hd and install Windows because he will not stop using IE. After a few experiences with spyware, and a virus or two, he is now very good at formatting his harddrive and installing windows. If you continue to use IE just learn how to do this and you should be fine.
  16. Nov 13, 2005 #15
    Do you have differn't browser you can use if you do just stop using IE.
  17. Nov 13, 2005 #16
    does your dad think that if he stops using IE then he will get a different internet?

    My Mom thought that until I set her book marks and home page up just like IE in Firefox.
  18. Nov 14, 2005 #17
    Does your dad know how to backup his documents and such? or does he lose all his personal files everytime he does it?
    I would also like to add that I recommend Opera. I would if I didn't have AOL. Unfortunately though, I do (I want to switch, but other dial up ISPs suck almost as bad). I guess my parents are the target user. The typical people that pay more for AOL just to have the new government infest their hard drive.
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    DSL is cheaper than dial up.. WTF is their problem with it?
  20. Nov 14, 2005 #19


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    So why is it sold "out of the box" with the least secure settings as defaults? If you assume that the average user, especially when they are first introduced to any OS, does not know how to adjust settings, why not make all the defaults the most secure, and then only those who know what they are doing will know where to adjust settings that reduce security, and will have had time to make it more secure first? Keep in mind that the average user is more like my parents who needed instructions on what "double-click" meant..."no mom, it doesn't mean press both buttons at once." I'm amazed at how many people I run into who think pop-ups are just a normal, albeit annoying, part of using the internet and don't realize how many of them are spyware, signs of an infected computer, etc.

    :uhh: :rolleyes: :grumpy: Care to explain how you leapt from high school girls to less educated users in that sentence? I don't suppose they might be chatting with high school boys who are also not running Linux, huh? Usually, high school students are using whatever they are fortunate enough to have their parents buy for them.
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    You can't get DSL access everywhere. I can't where I live, so my only alternative to dial-up was cable internet, which I got because apparently whatever made the phone lines incompatible with DSL also made using a dial-up modem painfully slow too (there was a striking difference between my dial-up at my previous home and where I am now...other than downloading large files, I never noticed anything too slow on dial-up at my previous address, but here it was like watching molasses drip). And of course cable internet is more expensive than dial-up. But I do appreciate all the free coasters that AOL sends me, they go really well with the cup holder in my old windows machine. :rofl: :biggrin:
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