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IE will only let one window up at a time

  1. Mar 17, 2005 #1
    So, i can't click on any links right now, or open an new window, because when i do that, my original window closes. (like in JimmyP's bday thread...) So, i don't know why... or whats going on. Help?
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  3. Mar 18, 2005 #2
    just stop using IE and start using Firefox (it will only take you a few seconds to install, and you will be releaved from all those annoying ie problems forever)

  4. Mar 18, 2005 #3
    I think I've actually had more problems with Firefox (and Opera) than IE, especially after adding a bunch of extensions. I still don't like IE though.
  5. Mar 28, 2005 #4
    I was going to say the samething when I saw the post topic. You can use tabs instead of new windows. I love firefox I would marry it if that sort of thing was legal in my state. Maybe I could drive down to Ma.
  6. Mar 28, 2005 #5
    I totally agree: Firefox rocks. Make sure you try out the extensions they have too.
  7. Apr 13, 2005 #6
    My Firefox takes considerably more time to load up than my IE.. which is quite annoying.. and when I load up firefox my computer lags up.. winamp goes berserk, everything sort of slows down. Is this a problem with my harddrive?
  8. Apr 29, 2005 #7
    How about a "ctrl v" to open a new window?
  9. Apr 29, 2005 #8
    ptex, isnt it ctrl n?

    but thats odd, because it takes IE longer to load up than firefox for me...im not sure what your problem is, maybe a defrag will help if you havent done one in a while, also do you have a slow or old processor? HD?
  10. May 3, 2005 #9
    anyone still use netscape?
  11. May 3, 2005 #10
    no lol, rather i would hope not....
  12. May 4, 2005 #11
    I am using Netscape 7.2 right now.

    Why? Netscape and Firefox both use the Gecko engine. I use both and they're almost the same in every aspect.
  13. May 4, 2005 #12


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    Wow, this thread has been hijacked by firefox fans.

    Gale17, have you scanned your computer for spyware and other crud?
  14. May 4, 2005 #13
    heh, thought everyone had forgotten about me, aww but not you dduardo... It was my home computer that did that, i'm at school again now, so it doesn't bother me anymore. but thanks. When i get back home when the semester's over, i'll see if it still does that. It was probably some virussy/spyware thing.... my family sucks at dealing with that stuff...
  15. May 4, 2005 #14
    definintly not the same, i mean i guess they could run the same engine, i honestly dont know what firefox uses i just know its fast, and it seems to be faster than netscape, so i dont know, maybe netscape forces you to go through some extra servers or sommit, i dont know

    but the interface is totaly differint, and if you put in a wrong site its a total b*tch to you about it
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