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IED Projects

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    Tom Mattson

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    Any engineering major at any engineering school in the US must take a course entitled Introduction to Engineering Design (IED), or something similar. Right now, I am teaching that course at a local college. I think it would be useful for students to have a thread in which information on various IED projects can be posted.

    To keep things nice and organized, I am going to ask that there be only one post for each type of project. If you find info on a project that has been posted and think your info should appear here, then please PM the author of that post and ask him/her to edit it in.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Mousetrap Vehicles

    You've all heard of it. Just about every high school physics club in the US does this project. The project is to design a vehicle powered by a standard size mousetrap, and there are a variety of criteria on which the car may be judged.

    http://www.mousetrap-vehicles.com/index.cfm [Broken] Free articles, FAQ's, books for sale.
    Your ultimate source for mousetrap powered cars and vehicles Docfizzix.com sells books and racer kits.
    Mousetrap Car and Vehicle Propulsion Theory A book for sale at Docfizzix.com.
    http://www.docfizzix.com/plans.htm [Broken] Another book for sale at Docfizzix.com.
    Ultimate Mouse Trap Car Homepage An Honors Physics project, and links to other mousetrap car websites.

    Let me know via PM if you have any good sites for mousetrap cars, and I will add them by editing this post.
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