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Iespell (spelling checker)

  1. Dec 21, 2003 #1

    This is a great piece of software for spell checking text on web pages. Works great for forums, blogs and any other place were text is entered on a web page. It's free.
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  3. Dec 23, 2003 #2
    Hi jimmy, that is a great tip and I would recommend it aswell. I know I for one could really use a spell checker for internet functions.
  4. Dec 23, 2003 #3
    Hi Greg,

    I'm glad you approve. I certainly find it useful. I tend to be careless sometimes when I post and don't do a thorough job of checking my spelling. This program saves me a lot of time as far as editing goes.

    I should mention that it works for Internet Explorer or any other browser which uses IE's core components. (AOL, SlimBrowser, MSN, etc)

    Enjoy :D
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2003
  5. Dec 26, 2003 #4
    I used iespell for my blog, and it worked quite well. For a while it seemed like a lot of people would write their blog entries in Word, spell/grammar check them, and then past them into their blog software. The unfortunate part of that operation was that Word likes to seriously obfuscate text when pasted into any HTML-aware editor with its use of spans, invalid tags, etc.
  6. Jan 9, 2004 #5
    Awesome and gr8
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