If a Portal appeared in front of you, would you step through it?

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Lots of interesting responses, folks! I'm jumping in without money, because if an Alien civilization is advanced enough to open a wormhole, then they won't need money as they only do things to better themselves. :))
Early reports today confirmed that the zfRigdayoi people of the planet Riglhug 2 pinned their last great hope of survival, and their last currency note, on the Salvtyunigni Portal, praying that someone or something from the distant planet Earth might venture through and assist them with rebuilding their economy. While examining Earth transmissions, their highly skilled linguists suggested that the Earthling Burn Hard M'aduff [approximate translation] might be just what they're looking for, given the popular focus on him in Earth "Nooz shose." It was hoped that this M'aduff might be near the portal and curious enough to step through, at which point he would be offered a leading position in the planet's economic management programs.

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