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if god exist

  1. how else do you think the world created?

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  2. yes, and his name is SCIENCE.

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    "...if god exist..."

    ...... and in the spirit of all those replies....

    .... let us vote!....
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    Les Sleeth

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    I won't vote because a vote about the nature of reality means absolutely nothing. If everyone agrees God is . . . that doesn't mean God is. Everyone votes science is . . . that doesn't mean science is.

    I was watching a special today on how regretably the idea of a cosmological constant was allowed into theoretical physics. If you took a vote when everybody wanted the universe to be static, guess what the answer would have been; take a vote now and you get different results.

    Right now we have no idea what we don't know, and so the experts are "convinced" the universe has to be or can't possibly be certain ways. Take a vote and mostly what you get is people's unsupportable opinions and biases.
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