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If gravity was stronger (A question on Jeans length)

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    From the book I read, Encyclopaedia Britannica 1976, what I got out from it (at least what I think I read) was that if the speed of sound inside a nebula was less than the nebula's escape velocity, it would collapse. Provided that the physics of sound remained the same if gravity was stronger (i.e. closer to the strength of the electromagnetic force), would this imply that the Jeans length would be smaller? If I was given a particular medium with a speed of sound, and if this medium all of a sudden was more greatly influenced by gravity, then its escape velocity would rise causing the medium to collapse, even if it was orginally too sparse to collapse. Would we have miniature solar systems (i.e. instead of the sun, would we have moons orbiting the moons of jupiter as if jupiter was a star?). Also, provided that the initial medium was of the same density, would the miniature solar systems would be more sparse than system of Jupiter (as sparse as the real solar system?). If there were minature solarsystems, would there also be miniature galaxies and minature galaxy clusters. Is this right? Would life be limited to bacteria and viruses? Would fusion still occur?
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