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If i had had a chance .

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    if i had had a chance .....

    i could be famous, if i was given the oportunities einstein,bohr and dirac had i could be famous, if my fahter/mother or another relative were teachers at my college i could also be famous,..unfortunately i was no lucky and no one wants to give me an oportunity i have heard lots of times "work hard to get succes in science"..but this does not work.
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    Don't be so incredibly negative and self centred!

    Get on and do something about your so-called 'situation' or quit moaning about it!
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    It is very easy to see something that someone has worked very hard to show you.
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    Tom Mattson

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    You do have a chance. Go to a few universities and apply for an appointment as a graduate or postdoctoral research assistanceship (depending on what your current degree is). A "dot-edu" email address from a good school will open up many doors for you, and it is not all that difficult to obtain.

    In any case, this is not physics, so off to General Discussion with ye.

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    Re: if i had had a chance .....

    You've already had more opportunities than Dirac and Einstein had. Einstein's father was a failed small business man, Dirac's a high school French teacher. Both of them went to engineering schools rather than universities, and both of them spent several years in obscurity before their own efforts brought them breakthroughs. Neither got, so far as I know, even a single pat on the back from the rich, powerful, and learned, until their achivemants became too great to ignore.
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    And Einstein dropped out of school and worked as a clerk for a patenting office..

    You are still young, why do you think in such a manner?
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    According to the Onion Radio News...

    Depression hits losers hardest.

    Darnit, I couldn't find the clip. Here's some others;

    Don't feel so bad, eljose79,
    Why, it it were not for having a glass jaw, no stamina, and a soft punch... I could have been a contender !
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    My opinion is to forget about fame. Science isn't about getting famous - anyone can get famous - throw yourself off a tower block and you will be temporarily more famous than 90% of physicists. To do as Einstein, you need to have a real sense of enthusiasm for it all, and then success and fame may follow. You don't get anywhere if you think of it all as a sort of routine: work for 5000 hours and get a nobel prize.

    Fortune favours the prepared mind. :wink:
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    i do not agree with you in the sense "fortune favours the prepared minds"..in fact in some cases ldo not forget that:
    a)Newton had a chance when his teacher barrow let him the place at cambridge
    b)Niels bohr,s father was an university teacher in denmark and of course he had an advantage
    c)Einstein was helped by grossman to make g.r so no grossman no general relativity.
    d)they did not to use latex and other programs that usually make the work harder...i do not understand why this "snobs" do not let you use microsoft word to edit your works is the only progarm i know how to use so ii am marginated from science forever due to that....¡¡it is imposible to manage with the latex¡¡¡..all formulae get me an error..

    "it si more valuable a spoonfull of luck rather than a barrel of talent" chinese proverb.
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